It looks as though the Iraqi elections were a resounding success. If even the far left critics cannot see this then there is no hope for them. The Salafist terrorist movement was dealt a major blow today. Coverage of course is all over the blogosphere, but I really liked this quote by Andrew Sullivan,

The major revelation of the day, it seems to me is something that could have been predicted. And that is the impact of the actual experience of

voting, of getting your finger dyed, or sharing in a new and communal rite of democracy. Regardless of the results, that is in itself a success. Once people taste democracy, they will never forget it. That memory itself is an insurance against its future eclipse. Consciousness matters. And we have just seen a change in consciousness.

Also, here’s an idea thats been floated by one of Sullivan’s readers.

I’ve got an idea for you and the rest of the blogosphere. Why not ask people to wear blue marker on their index fingers this week, as a sign of solidarity and a tip of the hat to the courage of the Iraqis today?

I’m all for it.