E. J. Dionne Whois



Confirming the writer’s fear in the post below, E.J. Dionne writes,


Official roberts CJ.jpgJudge John G. Roberts could turn out to be Antonin Scalia with a Washington Establishment smile. He is almost certainly a William Rehnquist for the 21st century. And he is David Souter turned on his head — a stealth candidate whose winning personality disguises intense conservatism, not moderation.

Roberts was, in short, the shrewdest choice President Bush could have made to fill retiring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s Supreme Court seat. Roberts could move the court well to the right yet grin his way through the confirmation process. His advertising slogan might be: Staunchly on the Right. But With No Hard Edges.

It feels as though Dionne’s columns are written solely for the left, denying even the existence of the center and right.

Many of us would welcome the chance to have Scalia as a professor. But outside the ranks of the right wing,¬†few Americans want their country defined consistently by Scalia’s choices.

Few Americans? It would do the WaPo columnists good to step outside their bubble.

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